Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Neosteel et. al.: "THIS will teach you manners!"

Neosteel / R. Happ et al.
"THIS will teach you manners!"
Rien ne va plus - there is no way out!
5 stories about mannerly househusbands,
TV maids and other properly trained males
144 pages, paperback
12,- BP / 15,- Euro / 19,- USD
ISBN 1-..........



She stopped at last. My behind was on fire. I could hardly bear the pain of her blows with the paddle. »Green and blue in a steel frame«, she said, jeering. »There you have something to think of every time you are cheeky or dare to misbehave. From now on I will punish you with five of these blows every time you fail to do your household duties.« I struggled helplessly in my restraints. But she had not finished yet. »I am going to take the gag out of your mouth now and you will assist me in adjusting your chastity belt, do you understand me?« I thought I did not hear well. Already two weeks of chastity and she was going to lock me up again without release? She seemed to be reading my mind. »Well, what do you think we have this little toy for? Chastity has done you good, very good. Your obedience has certainly approved, you have become more attentive, in fact you hang literally on my lips. Go on being such a good boy and I might grant you sex again some time in the future.«

Sometimes it takes cold, rigid steel to tame your male shrew – but then a good job it does. Warmly recommended by Mistress of Neosteel, maker of slave-tested chastity belts, these devices help Ladies turn their househusbands or their TV-maids into soft and obedient subjects ...

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