Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Sibil Joho, "Fetish Art"

"Fetish art made in Switzerland? If you have to raise your brows at that, taken aback, you don't know Sibil Joho. Yet.

For more than ten years her works of art enjoy encreasing popularity far beyond the SM and fetish enthusiasts. Colourful, striking, once saucy, once pensive - and, in any case, pretty darn good. This illustrated book shows 59 of her best pictures and makes them accessible to a bigger audience once again." (from the backcover)

Go through this gate ...

... and come into my fetish kingdom, my friend ...

... a kingdom of beautiful ladies ...

... a kingdom of breathtaking goddesses ...

... and true dominance.

Sibil Joho
Fetish Art
28 cm x 21 cm, Paperback
117 pages
15,- Dollars, shipping included

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